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My Precious Seeds

September brings harvest, and my most precious garden treasures are my seeds. I am always charmed by the beautiful pods of beans that I pluck and shuck every Fall from my garden.

This year for the first time I tried growing lentils. I was surprised that they came in such tiny little pods. Nothing like the beans I grow and shuck every year. Look at the difference in size:

From left to right: Snow peas, which I call the Kootenay snow pea because they have been grown here for well over 20 years, (I grow them every year from my own seeds), a variety of Dragon’s Tongue which I call Jack Harvey beans after the restaurant I worked at who grew them, Orca beans, Black Coco beans, beautiful big white Italian Roma beans, and above them the tiny French lentils, and on the far right, the French fillet beans ( our favourite summer green bean for fresh eating.

Jack Harvey beans are the yummiest bean for making baked beans. I do them in the crockpot and next time I make them I will post the recipe. They are chunky, buttery and delicious!