Kootsac reusable bulk food bags are an alternative to throw-away plastic bags.

Kootsac reusable bulk food and produce bags are designed to help you reduce waste while grocery shopping. Made from lightweight ripstop nylon, natural silk or cotton muslin these bags are a no waste alternative to plastic when purchasing food from bulk bins and produce markets. They are washable, strong and will fold up small in a pocket or bag ready for use when you need them in the grocery store or farmers market. Use these eco bags for grains, snacks, fruit, vegetables or any bulk bin food item. Kootsac bags are also useful as snack bags for travel, school or hiking.

Set of three silk Kootsac bags

Natural silk Kootsac bags are a biodegradable choice

As a textile artist and designer I saw the need for an alternative to throwaway plastic bags for buying bulk food and produce. Kootsac bags were born out of a need to contribute something, using the skills I have, to the growing movement towards waste reduction. I have always been a conscious shopper, considering health, environmental and social implications of everything I buy. This was my thinking when I came up with the concept of reusable bulk food bags.

Kootsac bag set - ripstop nylonLightweight ripstop nylon Kootsac bags

Cotton muslin produce bag with butterfly print100% natural cotton muslin for produce


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